About Zhuhai Xiangyue Electronics Co. Ltd.
Suppliers of customized and upgraded automobile assembly
It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of automotive safety electronic products. The main products include front blind area visual system, front radar system, ultrasonic blind area detection (BSD), microwave blind area detection, intelligent headlight control system, truck reversing radar, etc
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For Truck Solutions
Accessory system for parking
Safety system for driving


The company has obtained iatf16949 certification in March 2019, and won the honor of high-tech enterprises, and its products have passed CE, FCC and other certification. After years of efforts of all staff, the company has become one of the designated suppliers of domestic and foreign car manufacturers and dealers.


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The air-conditioning filter elements used in most vehicles are divided into three types: ordinary filter paper filter el...


The driving recorder is an instrument that records related information such as images and sounds during the driving of the vehicle. After installing the driving recorder, it can record the video image


ABC, ABD, ASR, ABS, EBD... just ask you whether you are deceived? They are actually synonymous with vehicle safety confi...


Many drivers have installed reversing radars for their cars. Reversing radars are divided into front reversing radar and...


(1) The use scene is different: the blind spot monitoring is mainly used during the driving process to remove the blind ...


As a representative of human scientific and technological progress, automobiles have greatly promoted the progress of hu...
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Zhuhai Xiangyue Electronics Co. Ltd.
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